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:: Friday, November 18, 2005 ::

:: Plan B Update ::
Eve is out of the picture. I'm not even really sure what happened. She was always prompt about returning phone calls or text messages and even called a couple of times just to say "hi," but she hasn't returned my last two calls and I haven't heard from her in a week. It's not like I'm broken up about it since we never even had a real date or anything but being as it our last conversation went well, I am a little curious as to why she's suddenly not responding.

So it's always nice to have a backup plan and I'm meeting up with Tennis Girl this Sunday for another beating... er... round of tennis. In her case, my interest in her at this point is more of an "activity partner" than anything else. I mentioned this to a buddy in L.A. and he asked me if I was leveling my expectations to avoid disappointment. A fair question, certainly and the answer would be a resounding "no." (There was more to that conversation but I'll write about that this weekend after my football picks.)

If all TG ends up being is a tennis partner, I'll be happy. Partly because that means I won't have shell out $40 a week for tennis clinics. She has more going for her than just athletic prowess, as she's fun to talk to and has a good sense of humor (though she's yet to experience the full range of "Dan-E Humor" - partly because it's hard for to me to crack jokes when I'm gasping for oxygen) and she always seems happy to hear from me whenever I call. And despite her pointing out the varicose veins on her calf - which I would have never noticed otherwise - she has really nice legs.

Unfortunately for me, I have other stuff going in my life that takes priority over any dating I wanna do. I need to find a job. I'm constantly fixing, throwing out, and then re-fixing my book. I need to secure a career path of some sort. I need to make sure that my short and long-term futures are in order. And there's the very real possibility that this future isn't going to be in Miami. I'd imagine she'd be a lot of fun to date but I honestly haven't given it a lot of thought.

Timing was never my thing.

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