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Thoughts, observations, and introspections from an art student waiter/bartender in South Beach. Arcane humor ensues.
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:: Wednesday, November 02, 2005 ::

:: Parents just don't Understand. ::
Even though the first month of my post-graduation life (I'm going to have to change the headline... any ideas?) has been a mix of working on my book, trying to find employment, and struggling to make ends meet, I still haven't been able to shake that feeling not knowing where I'll be at year's end. I felt this a little over two years ago when I was researching art schools. There's some trepidation, some excitement, and some degree of "let's get this over with already." Mostly exciting.

Not that my parents understand or agree with this line of thinking. My mom has been trying to convince me to move back home (uh, NO). My dad, while a little more pragmatic with his questions, still clearly doesn't get what it is I do. He doesn't get why I don't want to move back to L.A., which is understandable, but judging by our last couple of conversations, he doesn't quite get the idea behind the need of a portfolio. "But you said your resume is done," he says. And being your typical left brain thinker, he doesn't quite get that not everyone will look at a book the same way. There was also this:

Dad: Is your hair still long?

Me: Yeah.

D: Do you still have the beard?

M: It's a goatee.

D: Whatever. Isn't that going to hurt you during an interview?

M: It's advertising, dad. It's not like working for a law firm.

D: Are you sure?


I'm fairly certain that he's still waiting for the day that I grow out of this phase and decide to go into engineering.

Coming from a family full of teachers, bankers, and engineers, as well as having a kid brother who graduated from Boston College with both a Bachelor's and Master's in Philosophy - in only four years - their inability to fully comprehend the nuances of working in a creative industry is something I've become used to.

I can only imagine their response if I told them that one of the classes I took was Stand-up Comedy.

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