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:: Thursday, November 10, 2005 ::

:: interview at Starbucks follow-up ::
This being my third (and hopefully last) interview, it was nice and short and this time they only asked for a urine sample (they wanted blood last time). I think it went well and I should hear back in the next few days.

It cracks me up how I'll be perpetuating so many stereotypes if I get hired:

I have a degree that's either specific to one industry or is a prestige piece that only exists to look nice on a wall.

I have an "artsy" personality and give off the pretense that I see the world differently than others.

I drink too much coffee for my own good. Caffeine withdraws give me jitters.

I'll probably look at customers who have "normal" jobs with disdain since they're all mindless corporate lemmings even though I secretly envy their paychecks and greet them with a forced smile as I make their vent half-caff soy milk cappuccino (wet!) with two sweet 'n lows.

I have an irregular sleeping pattern.

This is kinda my warped way of looking at things to amuse myself but I'll be pretty happy with a job there. And certainly, my experiences there have been almost flawless. For example, the employees are unfailingly courteous (though sometimes a little too eager for conversation. Something I just want coffee). Most impressive is that as many times as I've been there, they've never once screwed up my order. The only other place that can make that claim is In 'n Out burger.

I've noticed that people who work for Starbucks are there very briefly or there for life, and given their generous benefits and advancement potential, I can see why there would be lifers. One of the managers who knows what I study said that I could eventually make my way up to their marketing design department. She pointed out that even part time, benefits would kick in after three months.

That's great and all but if I get hired and I'm still working there in say, six months, someone fly down here and perform an intervention or something.

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