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:: Friday, November 25, 2005 ::

:: Good Friends, Dumb Conversations, and Exposing Myself ::
Just so you know, any jokes I use in this post are leftovers.

I had an interesting conversation with a buddy back in L.A sometime last week. While he reads my blog only occasionally, he does know me well enough to know some of my habits. One of the things he asked me was why I suddenly decided to write about Eve and TG since I rarely blogged about dating before.

Well, you know, to blog about dates, it helps to go on them.

"Shut the fuck up, dude. You never wrote about that Cuban chick so how come all of a sudden you're writing about [TG]?"

(SIGH) She's Colombian.

"Whatever. You didn't blog about her!"

So, what's the big deal? You knew.

"That's not the point. You never write about your dates and half the time you don't even tell me about it and now you're writing all about [TG] and [Eve]. What's up with that?"

[TG] and I aren't even dating. We just play tennis. And besides, she smokes.

"So what? Get over it." Nah. "I mean it."

It's one of my Dealbreakers. We talked about this.

"Fine, whatever. But I still wanna know why you're all of a sudden writing about these chicks."

I wrote about dates before. "When?!" There was that girl in Prague.

"That doesn't count!" It doesn't? "That was like, a whole different country. And it's not like you had..."

You know this thing we do? Where we talk about shit like this? "Yeah?" Remind me never to do this with you again.

That is really how we talk and yes, we're very good friends. But I understand the point he was trying to make, even if I was being a dick about it. I'm usually reticent about discussing my love life with anyone but my closest friends and even then, they sometimes have to force it out of me. I've always been like this.

I think some of this new openness is partly because some of the blogs I'm reading are about dating. There's one that I've followed since my L.A. days and reading about her adventures did move me to open up a little more, at least with that part of my life. I also though I'd see if sharing a few things with and maybe getting advice/tips from fellow bloggers might help a little. Also, being an introvert, I like my privacy so other than a few close friends, I enjoy being somewhat anonymous to everyone else who reads this. (This is also why you'll never seen a photo of me here. Not that you wanna see that anyway.)

That being said, there's still a lot I'm going to keep to myself. Just because.

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