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:: Tuesday, November 15, 2005 ::

:: Dealbreakers ::
I was working rather diligently on my book for a few hours when I needed a break so I decided to browse through my blog list. I followed a few links I normally don't click and I eneded up at this blog where there was an interesting post about "Dealbreakers." Dealbreakers being that one or few things that's enough of a factor to override any other positive attributes about your date. Or as she puts it:
  • Definition: A dealbreaker is the trait, characteristic, lifestyle choice, or baggage or skeleton that you will absolutely NOT put up with in your significant other under any circumstances. This de facto that will eliminate many a promising man/woman from your dating pool.
I think what stood out for me is that this person and I have the same Dealbreaker. There are a few others (lousy sense of humor, lacks character, won't swallow) but smoking just seems to stand out as something I won't tolerate in a person I'm dating. Given that I like to hang out at sports bars and Florida being one of those archaic states that have yet to pass that particular ban, I've learned to tolerate it in that environment but that doesn't mean I have to take it home with me. But "Vixen" again, says it better than I could:
  • Smoking for example, is an automatic dealbreaker for me. No matter how fabulous you think I am, or how cute you think you are, if there is a whiff of cigarette/cigar smoke around you, it automatically takes you out of the running. (Smokism at it's worst!) There is no way that I can get past the smoky smell on clothes, breath and in the car. It kills whatever tiny shred of attraction that I may have for you instantaneously. I've tried, and it ain't happening.
There was this one girl that I went out with a few times this past summer. She was cute, charming, fun to talk to, had a great laugh, and a huge fan of baseball. We went out a few times, and we seemed to enjoy each other's company but that smoking thing was always in the back of my mind. The final time we went out, as I walked her up to her place, she said "kiss me" and I ended that evening by kissing her on her cheek. I really wanted it to be something I could look past but I just couldn't do it. It really didn't bother me too much while we sitting around at Dewey's watching sports but every time I got close to her, I could smell it in her hair and her clothes. Still, as fun as she was, I figured she'd be a great chick friend to have. As for her, I don't know what she was looking for but we haven't hung out since that cheek-kiss. We're still friendly and we keep in touch, though.

Vixen's post also includes some stuff about having a Master List, ("Definition: A list written when you are not in an emotional place, that has everything you would like Mr. [or in my case, Mrs.] Right4Me to have.") which I also found an interesting read but that's for another post.

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