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:: Monday, October 17, 2005 ::

:: Sports Weekend in Review ::
It's weekends like this that sports fans live for: teams you like winning, teams you hate losing, and just the sheer number of tense, well-played, nail biting games that could possibly happen in a two day period. For example:

- Houston's Houdini-like hijinks when they won Game 4 yesterday. I got home from soccer just in time to see the last inning. Astro's closer Brad Lidge, stuck in a two-on one-out jame, managed to induced a game-ending double play was absolutely spectacular. My favorite part was the announcer who said something along the lines of "here's the pitch/slow roller to second won't have to turn the double play/he goes to Everett/Everett throws to first/HE GOT HIM!!!"

- Not that I have anything against the Cardinals. David Eckstein represents everything that is right about baseball. Image just how great the sport would be if everyone played like him. Also, take Manny Ramirez, add a large serving of work ethic, and take away the weekly brain farts, and you have Albert Pujols.

- It's Monday, 3:30 EST and for reasons completely beyond explanation, Minnesota Vikings coach MIke Tice hasn't been fired yet. If the "boat sex" thing wasn't enough, then being mauled 28-3 by division rival Chicago should be. I haven't seen anything so FUBAR-ed becaused of a cruise since, well, Katie Holmes.

- White Sox are going to the World Series for the first time since 1919 after completely dominating (read: bitchslapping) the Los Angeles California Angels of Anaheim. Cubs fans weep. Could they be this year's Red Sox? There are similarities: great pitching, solid defense, finds ways to score, and a coach that sometimes seems like he doesn't know what he's doing. But then again they were playing an LAAAA team that looked sluggish. Early reports were that the players just wore down from the weight of all the letters on their uniforms. (Not revel in their loss or anything but I just wanna say that there is only ONE baseball team in Los Angeles and they're NO ANGELS. Ok, rant over.)

- For a guy who likes to watch good pitching, seeing the WSox string together 4 complete games in a row was just amazing, especially in this age of pitch counts and bullpen specialists. And my absolute favorite part of the playoff series: typically spasmodic Ozzie Guillen watching calmly throughout that game while Tony LaRussa flies off the handle and gets ejected. I LOVE irony.

- Michelle Wie turns pro at age 16. What the hell were YOU doing at 16? Me, I didn't even get my driver's license yet, I was still waiting for my voice to stop cracking, and I just came home with a "C" in algebra.

- With their long, storied histories and tradition of winning, did anyone ever think that The Raiders and 49ers would be usurped by the San Diego Chargers as California's premier football team? Anyone? On the plus side, my 49ers didn't lose yesterday. Quite possibly because they had a bye week. But still.

- Not quite sports related but it was somewhat disheartening to read all those bad reviews for Cameron Crowe's "Elizabethtown." He's one of the few directors who's movie I'll see just because, especially considering his string a great films: Jerry Maguire (You had me at hello), Almost Famous (I am a golden god!), and even Vanilla Sky (Tech Support!!!). I'll probably still check it out but it just doesn't look good right now.

- Tedy Bruschi is "cleared to practice" a mere eight months after suffering a mild stroke. He's one of the classiest guys in the sport and his presense in any manner is welcome. But I still can't help but wonder if they're rushing it a little.

- The NBA preseason started. Everyone goes back to sleep. Oh wait, that's hockey.

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