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:: Tuesday, October 04, 2005 ::

:: Playoffs! ::
I love the unpredictable nature of baseball. Especially years like this where the unexpected is the norm and bold predictions end up being grand delusions. Experts were predicting historic collapses by the White Sox, a possible meltdown by the Red Sox, and the Padres being the first sub .500 team to make the postseason. Which would have been great since that's kinda like the dorky guy who gets to go to the prom with the OK-looking chick because her first choice in prom dates suddenly came down with the flu and she just HAS to go.

My favorite part is how the last Red Sox/Yankee series played out. Not so much for the Curt Schilling drama or anything but because the Yanks were able to come back and win the division and relegating the Sox to wild-cards, they're rewarded with a opening round series against the Anaheim Angels (none of that LA Angels crap on my website). A litle history: In Joe Torre's long and succcessful tenure as the Manager, he's accumlilated a winning record against every major league team except one: the Angels... who, by the way, again have a winning record against him this year. And thanks to that, it forces the Yanks to make the cross country trip to Anaheim (NOT Los Angeles, not to belabor the point or anything) after an exhausting series with only a day to recover.

Boston on the other hand only have to corss one time zone to Chicago. Their first game with the White Sox is against a pitcher who has a losing record wheen playing Boston. Still, the White Sox have a pretty good rotation backed by a good lineup of both power and contact hitters. Personally, the thought of having neither the Yankees or Red Sox in the division series looks increidbly entertaining.

I love playoff baseball.

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