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:: Friday, October 21, 2005 ::

:: Eat a Sandwich ::
It's not exactly a secret that I like food. Take one look at me and it's plainly obvious that I'm not someone who misses a meal often. So much that when I picked a Maxim magazine a few months ago, the very first article I flipped to was one titled "America's Top 10 Meat Hogs." I've had numbers 9 and 8 and they're both excellent. (Though I have to say with some indignance that I can't believe they left out the roast beef and cheese from Primanti Brothers.) Same thing happened with this month's issue, where they had an article with the Top 5 reader's Sandwich Recipes. (I know what you're thinking: "hot girl on the cover but dude, sandwiches!" That is really a. sad b. very sad.)

One of the things I miss about L.A. is the Double Double burger from In 'n Out. All of my friends know this. One of them in particular knows it quite well since the last two times he picked up me up from the airport, I insisted we go straight to In 'n Out before dropping me off at home. It's also the last place I go before I'm dropped off at the airport. What can I say. It's a taste of home. Chicago as White Castle, New York has Grey's Papaya, Los Angeles has this. (And Tommy's and Pink's and Wahoo's but that's an entirely different post.)

So knowing that, another buddy of mine found this gem on the Internet and I just have to share it with all of you. No joke, my mouth started watering the moment I saw it.

I've had 3x3s and 4x4s before but that thing is a 25x25. I think I could finish it. Seriously.

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