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:: Thursday, October 27, 2005 ::

:: Chicago White Sox: 2005 World Series Champions ::
My congradulations to the White Sox. it wasn't pretty but they won by making the most of every opportunity given to them. They deserved it. Now, just a few thoughts and observations on this year's World Series:

- I can't believe how calm Ozzie Guillen was this entire series. Even when his team was down 0-4 in Game 3, he never looked like he was going to leap out of the dugout and maul someone.

- As much as Ozzie has been second-guessed through the regular season and the playoffs, nothing is going to incite more questioning than this photo. Seriously Ozzie. WTF???

- Last year, the Red Sox won their first World Series since 1918. This year, the WSox win their first since 1917. Does this mean that next year, the Chicago Cubs, who haven't won one since 1908 will finally get it done? I don't think baseball is equipped to deal with something like that.

- Assuming that happens, that means the average number of years between Titles for the three teams will be 90.667 years. Let's say that becomes a trend. That means my Dodgers won't win another World Series until 2079. That also means the Frisco Giants could win one in 2044. Not only does that mean I won't see another WS in L.A. in my lifetime, it also means I'll have to deal with the prospect of SanFran finally getting over the hump and I don't know if I'll ever be emotionally prepared to handle that. The fact that Barry Bonds will be dead from "supplement" poisoning is of little consolation.

- As a matter of fact, this did keep me up last night. This is also the kind of crap my mind does when it has too much free time.

- As an avowed sporter of scruff, I'm totally loving Houston's playoff beards.

- Someone file a missing person's report on Roger Clemens immediately.

- I love the unintentional comedy provided by Jeanne Zelasko's various outfits during the pre- and post-game shows. I haven't seen this sort of unfortunate combination of material since Lisa Guerrero's unfortunate stint as sideline reporter for Monday Night Football.

- I know it was a sweep but has there ever been a closer, harder-fought sweep? Both teams had many chances to score but the pitching just shut everyone down. Each game was won by one or two runs. If I was Phil Garner, I would have thrown more than a chair. I probably would have grabbed Ezequiel Astacio and tossed him into the Crawford Boxes. Kinda the same way ancient Romans threw Christians into a pit of lions.

- Not a single moment of A.J. Pierzynski-related chaos. Not one. I would loved to have seen him mouth off, only to get bum-rushed by Jeff Bagwell, after which he rips off his right arm from his surgically-repaired shoulder and beats him to a pulp with it.

- When I saw Pierzynski jump on Bobby Jenks after the final pitch, the first question in my mind was "what happens when an irresitable force hits an immovable object? (For the baesball retarded, they're both really fat.)

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