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Thoughts, observations, and introspections from an art student waiter/bartender in South Beach. Arcane humor ensues.
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:: Saturday, September 24, 2005 ::

:: Two Years Later ::
Two years in Miami Beach and not much has changed. Two years in Miami Beach, everything has changed. I can't believe two years have gone by so fast and that I've accomplished almost everything I need to do (there's still that pesky matter of finding gainful employment). I still remember meeting my fellow scrubs two years ago at a TGIFridays, as well as meeting some people who were in the 3rd quarter students and thinking to myself how 3rd quarter seemed so far away. Now it's a vague memory; merely a collection of old work and forgotten blog postings. At the time, my blog wasn't even a year old.

This shouldn't read like some coming-of-age story since I already had 28 years worth of life under my belt. I still remember the few months leading up to the move. I was still trying to figure out what I wanted to do with my life. I was attending church regularly and confiding in a few close friends about a lacking a sense of purpose. I swore off dating and rather depressingly, found myself adhering to it. I remember listening to "I Still haven't Found what I'm Looking for" my U2 a lot back then. Sports was my escape. I had a group of friends that I played tennis with every Monday. A different group of friends that got together for football every other Sunday. And another bunch for volleyball the other Sundays.

I've never lived outside of L.A. (There was a short stint in Korea but doesn't really count since I was 6). I was considering a school in Orange County but for many reasons, it just didn't feel right. There was also a good school in Detroit but that also didn't feel right (largely because, it's you know, Detroit). Then I discovered this little school out in Miami that seemed like it was exactly what I needed. I applied and got accepted. I called a rental agent and she found an apartmentl a block away from school. Things just started falling into place. Up until this point, I lived life with one foot out the door. I always needed way out. A safety net. And that affected my career and my relationships. There's a part of me that's still like that but one thing at a time. Realizing that, making this leap was really the only choice I had.

The move itself was anti-climactic. I suppose if you're 18 and moving across the country to go to college it would seem like a big deal but add ten years and it's just another move. Most of my friends made a bigger fuss about it. I was certainly excited but for completely different reasons. Where they saw sun and sand, I saw new opportunities. Where they saw spring break destinations, I saw challenges. Where they saw a thriving nightlife, I saw a life outside of my comfort zone.

I took to my new surroundings immediately. One of my lifelong dreams of living in a city with the word "Beach" in the name, silly as it seems, was met. I couldn't tell you if it was simly a change of scenery or if there was something in the water but everything about it just felt right. Even the timing. A few of my rather shortsighted friends asked if I feel like I should have done this sooner. It happened exactly when should. Again, it just felt right.

And now, I'm still the mostly same guy. I don't feel like I'm in a rut. I dropped a few friends but gained a few new ones. I've always been introspective so I've always had a pretty good idea of who and what I am, but the last two years were all about looking under the seat cushions to see if I missed anything, and its kinda amusing to what kinda crap (both in the good and bad sense) I discovered.

What has changed? What hasn't?

Well, my hair is a lot longer but I still have the goatee.

My sense of humor has gotten drier but I've learned that unless you're, say, Dennis MIller or Steven Wright who have a devoted core fanbase, then there's a virtue in telling jokes that people actually get. It also tends to be a little more puerile.

My eating habits are still kinda the same but I finally felt my metabolism slowing down in the last few months.

The few close friends (I can count them on one hand) I've known the last few years mean just that much more to me now.

I'm still not a fan of clubs but I appriciate the value of a dark, cozy, neighborhood bar.

I've gotten a little better on the guitar.

Speaking of which, I once wrote how most of the dates I've been on come in second to a quiet evening reading a book or practicing my guitar. Still true.

Finally got drunk for the first time. Still no hangover. Still never been high. Not even via contact.

I lived in Prague for three months. Spent almost an entire day in London during layovers. I drink a lot more beer thanks to that trip (beer really is a lot better in Europe).

Still quite the introvert, but I've opened up a little more (especially on my blog). Still very independent, but I've learned it's ok to ask for help every now and then.

I could go on but I have quite a few stories archived if you're curious. And bored. And have way too much free time. But don't stay there too long. I'm just getting started.

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