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:: Monday, August 15, 2005 ::

:: A Moment of... not Sucking ::
I wasn't able to catch last night's Dodgers/Mets game but as a fan of pitching duels, it would have been fun to watch Pedro Martinez go up against Brad Penny. Penny only gave up one run through nine innings but Pedro was vintage Pedro.

He was just nasty. Dodger hitters were looking even more hapless than usual. Through the first seven inning, he was untouchable and came within five outs of his first no-hitter. Then all of a sudden, this scrub fresh out of AAA named Antonio Perez hit a triple over the head of the center fielder. One hit, no biggie. Almost as good and the shutout was still in place. Pedro pitched his way out of bigger jams.

So up next is left fielder Jayson Werth. A career .248 hitter and hitting a bush-league .236 this season, as well as sporting a completely useless "y" in his name, almost as useless as Hee Seop Choi at the plate. Easy out right? All he does is launch a fly ball into the left field seats.

I saw the box score earlier in the game, around the 5th inning when we were down by one and Pedro was putting up zeros and thought to myself "great. It's already been a dismal season. All we need is some former Dodger - on the wrong end of one of the worst trades in history - coming back and getting his first no-hitter off the team that traded him away for some washed-up malcontent (Delino Deshields). I'll even bet that one run came off a Mike Piazza homer. (It didn't.)" Not that I'm still bitter about THAT trade. Must... not... get... angry...

But when I saw the highlights on SportCenter... wow. It wasn't a monumental comeback like the way Boston came back against the Yankees in the ALCS last year, I mean, it was only one run. But if you saw just how foolish Pedro made each guy look, that anyone was even able to make contact, you'd know that this win was HUGE.

All that did was keep the Dodgers within five games of the first place Padres in the NL West. The way this division is looking now, it's a very real possibility that a team with a sub-.500 record will make it into the playoffs. Another theory: there's a very real possiblity that the winner of the World Series could also have a top 10 pick in the draft. I love baseball.

Go Dodgers.

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