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:: Monday, August 08, 2005 ::

:: I Should have Gone into Medicine. ::
I should be doing work right now but I REALLY tired of looking at my crap. I have to, in the next 12 hours, finish my mini-book which entails the following:

- Determining the look and layout of the book.

- Finishing up all the ads (12-15) and campaigns (2 branding campaigns) that are supposed to go into it.

I'm far enough along to show The Ron that I've been working on it but not far enough to have it completely done. I've dealt with pressure before but this just seems worse. For example, while in Prague, coming up on a deadline to put together a campaign for a nationally known brand doesn't seem like much compared to putting together a portfolio that's going to determine not only whether or not I'm going to get a job, but what kind of agency I'm going to end up at.

Everyone in our class has done nothing but work on our books the last two weeks but it's one of those projects that seem neverending. A teacher from Crispin, whose work many of us consider to be quite brilliant, told us that he worked on his book for almost three months. He would come home from the advertising job he had at that time and work on average three hours a night before it got to where he was happy with it. It was apparently good enough that he ended up where he is now, doing the cool stuff he's doing.

It's rare that someone from Ad School would get a job immediately after graduation. The average post-grad job hunt goes about 3-6 months and as good as we are, most of us aren't going to be hired right off the bat. Considering the talent pool, I doubt any of us will go longer than three months. Still, I really want this to be done well so I'll get hired as soon as possible and while I have just enough confidence in my abilities that finding employment shouldn't be too hard, there have been quite a few days when I find myself thinking "it's a good thing I know how to be a waiter." That or, "I should have listened to my parents and gone into medicine."

I've been told many times that I need to just relax a little and the ideas and work will come. In my case, the danger is that I might get a little too relaxed and not do the work at all. (One of many reason I don't do pot. That and it's not like I have trouble getting the munchies. As a matter fact, I'm gonna go get a snack right now.) And it's been one of those weird quarters where I'm working The Ron's soccer posters so wouldn't have to work on my book because blogging isn't a good enough excuse. Yeah, this is my life right now.

Although... certain things have a way of making it all better, albeit temporarily. For example: you've been at school all day, staring at your computer and thinking the best way to advertise a sporting goods store is to pick up your laptop and hurl it out the window. Then a nice girl says "hi" by walking up behind your chair, running her fingers through your hair and kissing you on top of the head. All of a sudden, life is good.

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