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:: Monday, August 01, 2005 ::

:: America's Tainted Pastime ::
Five words I hoped I'd never have to write:
Maybe Jose Conseco was right.

My inner fanboy tells me:
Maybe it was some other banned substance but not steroids

My outer realist tells me:
It was steroids.

Thoughts in my mind I wish I didn't have:
I was thinking maybe it'd be Barry Bonds (if only), Jason Giambi, even Jason Schmidt who tests positive but Rafael Palmeiro? Really?

Who's next?

How's he going to spin this?

He's going to long for the days when he was best known for doing Viagra commercials

That sound you hear around 9:30(EST) this morning was Giambi breathing a sigh of relief.

Seriously, maybe Jose Conseco was right.

Questions baseball fans must be asking themselves:
Raffy? Really? I don't get it. Where's the sudden spike in power numbers? Where's the ballooning physique? Isn't his head still the same size?

Question baseball fans must be asking but don't really want to know the answer to:
Maybe this is the reason he did the Viagra commercials?

Questions reverberating through the world of baseball:
Is Conseco working on a follow-up book: "I told you so!"?

Baseball and politics collide:
Looking back, Raffy's emphatic denial in front of the Committee for Government Reform comes across as merely another "I did not sleep with that woman" type denial and we know all too well how that turned out.

A moment to digress:
I'm typing this at Starbucks and what just walked through the door was evidence that plastic surgery and sun damage make a horrible combination.

Ok, I'm back:
Maybe Jose Conseco was right, but he's still a whack-job.

Before this, all previous positive tests were a bunch of nobodies:
Which means, if you were to believe in the law of averages the next wave of positive tests will be very well known players...

If only:
... and I hope they're all from the Giants

There's still hope:
Much of Conseco's book is still disingenuous, petty, and vindictive and even if this one positive gives it a modicum of validity, no one would ever point to it as gospel.

But still:
Maybe Jose Conseco was right.

Does it have to come to this?
I don't have the "end justifies the means" type mentality but if this is what it takes to clean up baseball, so be it.

Even if it might mean that maybe Jose Conseco was right.

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