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:: Monday, June 20, 2005 ::

:: Yet another unfocused, meandering post ::
Even though I've been back for almost a week, I haven't updated my blog or written about my Prague experience yet since I really don't know what to write about. Or rather, I don't know where to start. It was a great experience but there was so much to soak up that everything is still sinking in. I've also written quite a bit already so I think I'm going to be repeating myself.

Also, part of the reason I haven't blogged much is that I'm simply trying to get settled back into my apartment. It hasn't been easy, mainly because the guy who sublet my place left it a disaster area and I'm only now just getting it back to a habitable environment. I would have been done last night except I was tired of being cooped up in the house so I headed over the Dewey's to watch some sports; Dodgers vs. White Sox (Dodgers lost. Again. In late innings. Again. After having a late lead. Again. Sigh.) and the NBA Finals Game 5.

Now THAT was a good game. The people there seemed almost evenly split between Spurs fans and Pistons fans, which was surprising given Miami's typically East Coast leanings but... geez did you see Robert Horry's last minute heroics?! Big Shot Bob further cements his legacy as the most clutch playoff player in the history of the NBA which is saying something since that legacy was already set in stone during his time with the Lakers (sigh) where he's best known for his Divac-to-Horry game-winning three-pointer against Sacramento. I mean, he was responsible for 21 of the Spurs' last 35 points.

Never mind taking the heat of off Duncan for his fourth quarter suck-fest that made Patrick Ewing look like Mr. June. He saved the Spur's season and if anyone deserves a celebratory night with Eva Longoria, it's him, not Tony Parker. Sorry, I just had to throw in that little pop culture reference there. It's pointless, I know. Besides, Horry also happens to be a devoted husband and father so that would never happen. But you get my point. Or maybe not. Or you just think I'm weird. This is the point where the normal person would go to another page.

Still here? Good.

His resounding left-handed dunk, I think, pretty much set the tone for the rest of the series. Or what's left of it anyway. I predicted at the start (to at least two people) that it?ll be Spurs in six. If you tell me that the Pistons will come back stronger to take Game 6, you?re wrong. And don't even try to tell me that a rejuvenated Tim Duncan isn?t going to drop 30-15-5 on Tuesday. It'll be a close game for sure, but unless Wallace (Rasheed or Ben, probably Rasheed) takes a bat to Big Game Bob?s knees, I'm thinking there?s gonna be yet another set of fourth quarter plays to ad the highlight reel, of which there are already miles and miles of film.

This is how good his performance was for me: I almost forgot how sad I was that the Lakers didn't re-sign him two years ago. All it did was bring back memories of his contributions to our Championship Run back then. Then I got a happy and nostalgic. Then it got me to thinking that if he was with the Lakers this season, they wouldn't have been so horrible. Then I got depressed. So I had a beer and I felt better. Anyway.

Spurs in Six. Remember that.

Oh yeah, Prague. What was I saying?

:: Miscellaneous Ramblings by Dan-E at 6:07 PM [+] :: | 0 comments

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