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:: Sunday, May 22, 2005 ::

:: Well, she likes beer. ::
One little thing I left out of last week's post about going home through the post-hockey festivities was that I met a girl on the subway. I was waiting for the train, and turned to look behind me towards the stairs at a bunch of revelers walking down shouting and flag-waving when I first noticed her, and the look she had on her face while all the people were chanting was that of "oh... my... gawd." We made eye contact a couple of times and smiled, I guess because I must have had the same expression on my face. She ended up next to me on the train and I decided "what the hell" and started chatting her up. I asked her to translate the chants for me and between some casual conversation, lame humor from me, and some hardcore eyelash-batting from her, when I reached my exit five stops later, I had her number.

So we went out yesterday. It was alright. Just my luck, my first date with a Czech girl turns out to be a Jehovah's Witness (?!?!). And a vegetarian. Yeah. At least she likes beer (a true Czech) and was capable of good conversation, which was about all I was expecting after finding out that first tidbit. It could have gone a lot worse I suppose, and it's far from the worst date I've been on but... a little more chemistry would have been nice. As it was, it was a perfectly pleasant evening. And that's about it.

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