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:: Monday, May 30, 2005 ::

:: Must... have... coffee ::
As is typical right around this time of the quarter (week 8) my caffeine intake has risen to levels that would be fatal to normal humans, much in the way a trauma patient can withstand high doses of morphine after building up a tolerance, even though that high a dosage can kill an otherwise healthy person. I still come in around 8:00-8:10 or so and by 9:30, I'm already on my third cup of coffee. And it's not like back Miami where I must be at Taste Bakery for three hours to get my refills. This is free coffee that work provides. Free, unlimited access to caffeine and I go together as well as a pothead at a reggae concert.

The next two weeks – the final two weeks – are practically Studio Week for me. It's quite different from other quarters in that not only do I have schoolwork to complete I have real-life work to do as well. Fortunately, I'm about 60% done with school stuff, to which I must begrudgingly thank my partner who, absolutely abhors procrastination (what the hell’s he doing in advertising then?!?). As for it just seems odd to be starting on stuff that we're eventually handing off to the permanent employees. We're working on a neat introductory campaign for Milky Way that’s still in the pitch stage, but if our idea does get approved, it won't be produced for at least a couple of months, long after we're gone. But the fact that they might be carrying out our idea is a pretty cool thought.

Also different is my mentality as well as my approach to this week. The last couple of quarters, I almost didn't want it to end since I was learning a lot and creatively, I felt like I was on a roll. Not as much last quarter but certainly the quarter before. This time, I'm looking forward to the end. I'm looking forward to that first Saturday after our last day that I can stay in my bed and not worry about meeting a Monday deadline. I'm looking forward to going to see a classical music concert Sunday night and taking my time coming home afterwards since I don't have anything due the following day. Going on another aimless walkabout of Prague for one last glimpse at one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Stopping over at London and have lunch with some old classmates during my layover. Flying home, seeing more old friends, being ensconced in that comforting heat and humidity, playing my guitar, turning on the TV to SportCenter, and falling asleep in my own futon.

Last time I felt like this was my third quarter. I need a break.

It could be homesickness, it could be burnout, I'm not sure. I'm hesitant to admit the latter since it seems like such a Nancy-boy excuse especially since I had a greater workload my two previous quarters. But all I know right now is that as much as I've enjoyed my time in Prague, as many good memories as I'll take with me, as bittersweet it will be to leave, I want to go home.

And that feels weird to me.

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