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:: Tuesday, May 17, 2005 ::

:: Go Czechs P.II ::
I was walking home Sunday night right after the Czech team won the Hockey tournament and it was amazing. I walked through Old Town Sqaure earlier, where they set up an impromptu outdoor arena with a stage, a couple of huge TVs showing the game, and booths selling beer, hot dogs, and jerseys. The game hadn't started yet when I first passed through but there was already a huge crowd out there.

After the game, you could hear the crowd's cheers a mile away. There were people celebrating, waving flags, honking horns, and drinking beer. Wenceslas Square was even more of the same; people climbing on top of each other's cars, crowds chanting various Czech fight songs in unison, and it even carried into the subway, where random strangers would start chants together.

But unlike festivities in America like Boston winning the World Series or the Lakers winning the NBA title, I never once worried about my safety. There was no rioting, no destruction of property, no mob mentality. This despite the fact that it seemed like most of the people I saw out there were in their early-mid 20s who'd been drinking for a while.

Another key difference, and this is what impressed me most: when those cities won their titles, people were celebrating their team, and to a lesser degree their respective cities but even the casual viewer would realize that a lot of the "fans" were just idiots looking for an excuse to go out and act crazy. Here, almost everyone wore some sort of Czech memorabilia, jerseys, hats, flags, and face paint. But to them, it was more than just some guys bringing home a hockey trophy. This is was a matter of national pride. They were celebrating a triumph for the Czech Republic.

And it was beautiful.

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