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:: Monday, April 04, 2005 ::

:: Prague! ::
So how you guys all doing? I had an interesting weekend.

I flew into Prague, met my writer at the airport and took a cab to our home for the next three months. Our place is on the third floor of a building that looks like a tall house from the outside but actually holds three separate units. It's a very cozy two-bed/one bath unit but the layout is a little odd. The bathroom (or "water closet") has a shower and sink but also a washer/dryer unit where the toilet should be. The toilet is in a closet where the washer/dryer should be and for that matter, the kitchen and the bathroom should be switched around. But it's clean, there's a great view out my bedroom window, and just enough space for the both of us.

Prague itself, at least the parts that I've seen, is beautiful. The first thing you notice is the architecture, most of which is older than America. One main tourist stop is Vaclavské Square. Looming over it is a palatial structure that I think is a museum of some sort. The Square itself is rather garish mix of old and new. Old buildings that once housed factory workers are now hotels and storefronts decorated by neon lighting. There are sausage stands about every 50 meters or so and they were the source of almost half of our meals so far. Most interesting item: their "cheeseburger" consists of a large cheese patty that's breaded and then deep fried, garnished with mayo and ketchup and placed in a bun. Good eatin'.

The agency I'm interning at, Mark/BBDO, is pretty cool. We get there via subway ("Metro") and from our stop we walk past a bunch of old churches. After which, we walk through a cemetery which is the resting place of many of the Czech Republic's famous artists. The building itself seems to be old church of some sort. It's quite cool actually. The environment certainly seems more conducive to creativity than my last place of employment.

Language hasn't been a huge problem so far. Everyone at the agency speaks English, and when ordering food, all you have to do is either point at the item or say, "number 7 proseem (please)." My partner Jason brought a Czech phrase book with him and I've been reading through the basics all weekend and I'm still kinda fuzzy on some words but give me week and I should at least have memorized all the ways to say "excuse me."

Anyway, further updates will follow, as will photographs.

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