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:: Saturday, December 18, 2004 ::

One of the nice benefits of living in a community that caters to students carrying on a symbiotic relationship with their laptop is the ability to find an Internet wireless zone in unlikely places. Ever since Taste Bakery offered free Wi-Fi to customers, other places have tried to follow suit (though Starbucks still makes you pay for theirs, those greedy fascist bastards) by installing their own Wi-Fi. One of the unintended benefits is that places neighboring these restaurants also receive the signal and anyone with a laptop can browse freely. That's why I used to be seen at Dewey's Tavern all the time at odd hours.

So right now, I'm in a laundromat, which shares a wall with a little empenada joint called Go-Go. As a lure for Miami Ad School students, they installed wireless about two months ago. Nice thing is that I can bring my laptop here and do research - or rather, "research" - while my cleaning my underwear.

There are some odd side effects; people look at me funny. Like they've never seen a guy with a laptop before. Others ask me about computers and stuff, which in itself isn't a bad thing but none of the people that approach me are cute girls. Another thing is the proliferation of computer-geek-speak from people who try way too hard to be cool. One time at Dewey's, one guy asked me "hey is it hot in here?" "Excuse me?" I ask. "Is it hot in here?" (Puzzled look) "No, sitting under the fan helps..." "No I mean is this place a Hot Zone." "No." What I wanted to say was "this isn't Starbucks you pathetic nerd." Which is ironic given that I was the dork with a computer inside a bar. But still.

When the hell did I become such a nerd?

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