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Thoughts, observations, and introspections from an art student waiter/bartender in South Beach. Arcane humor ensues.
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:: Sunday, November 28, 2004 ::

:: When I Run... ::
One of the presentations I saw in class was for Brooks running shoes and a human truth about runners they mentioned were the thoughts that go through a person's head while they're running. Here's a partial list of what went through my head yesterday while I went running.

- It's nice outside. I'll need my Oakleys.

- Streeetch

- I'm feeling good. Maybe I can do more than a mile.

- Good, there's no one else at the track. No one will see how slow I run.

- Did I turn the stove off?

- My knee hurts.

- Two more laps. It's only two more laps.

- I hate running.

- It's really muggy today, I can't believe how salty my sweat is. This is gross. Or it should be.

- Seriously, did I turn the stove off?

- Almost done. I need water.

- I'm feeling better. Time to run the bleachers.

- There's a girl running the track now. I should pick up the pace.

- She's not that hot. Never mind.

- Another girl. Nice ass. I'll do the stairs two at a time.

- Hmm. Her first lap, she ran on the inside part of the track. Her second, she took the outside part, right past me. She about to do it again. Oh yeah, she wants me. Look focused and determined. Pretend not to notice her. (Only in retrospect does this mindset seem really, really lame.)

- By the way, if any guy denies doing something similar while working out, they're lying.

- Just did three sets on the bleachers. This is so much more fun than just running.

- My knee hurts again.

- Ok, I did turn the stove off, but did I refill the Britta?

- Ok, a splash of water and I'm running home.

- Ugh. My legs are tired.

- Ok, if that light stays red I have a valid reason to stop and take a breather.

- Dammit.

- My knee is fine but my calves are burning.

- Ok, green light up ahead. Turn red. Turn red! TURN RED!

- YES! Thank you, Jesus.

- Hot chick at twelve o'clock. Ignore pain, run faster.

- Two more blocks. Don't pass out. That'd be just embarrassing.

- Home sweet home. I realized something, my mind not only wanders, it sometimes leaves completely. Oh yeah, I need to stretch. And my shirt smells.

So there you have it. Some further insight into my mind. I'd write more but I gotta run.

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