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:: Thursday, October 28, 2004 ::

So my sobriety streak has finally come to an end. What killed it? It was a combination of factors but ultimately it was me saying to myself "f*** it. I'm 30 now, why the hell not." I was out last night with some friends from class. We have a guest teacher named Kash who's not a only a brilliant creative but a really, really cool guy. We like him so much that we invited him to hang out with us for an evening before he took off on Friday.

It started out inauspiciously enough with us meeting at Dewey's to catch the rest of the World Series (WOO SOX!). WHen I arrived there were already a couple of guys there and they got an early start. We wanted to give Kash the "South Beach" experience, pretentious warts and all, so after the game we headed over to the Delano. Great place to go if you want to see pretty people act like they're somebody. Everyone got mixed drinks, I had a beer, and Kash, being the responsible type, stuck with Diet Coke. We stayed there for a little bit before heading to this rooftop lounge called the Townhouse.

That's when things got interesting. Somebody suggested tequila shots and somehow convinced Kash to get in on it. The bartender accidentally poured an extra so I got an extra shot. We stood around talking some more before they closed at 2:00. So naturally, we couldn't call it a night just yet so we went to the Liquor Lounge.

We naturally had to keep drinking after another few rounds of beers and shots I was gone.

I'm not sure how to describe being drunk other than saying I felt really, really lightheaded. I'm sure you guys out there who've been drunk could explain it better. All I remember is that after all those drinks, when I tried to stand up to go to the restroom, it felt like my legs gave out. That's when I thought to myself "ok, I'm a little bit past tipsy." However, I wasn't completely hammered since I still remember most of that night (thought details are fuzzy) and I wasn't stumbling too bad. I know that for a fact since I made it to Jerry's Deli without tripping. I didn't get home till after 6:00am.

I don't know if this is an actual category but I think I'm a rational/mellow drunk. Rational since once I self-diagnosed my drunkenness, I immediately went into shutdown mode as to prevent myself from doing anything that would embarrass myself. Not an easy thing given my abilities to embarrass myself even while sober. Mellow since I didn’t really say much and stayed slumped in my seat. (I may have tried to make out with one of the girls there but that could just be bad recollection on my part.)

I felt fine when I woke up this morn... afternoon, thanks to the two glasses of water I drank before passing out. So thankfully, I've yet to experience a hangover.

Still, now that I’ve gotten that "get drunk" out of the way, I'm really not eager to do that again. Seriously, it wasn't that fun.

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