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Thoughts, observations, and introspections from an art student waiter/bartender in South Beach. Arcane humor ensues.
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:: Wednesday, September 01, 2004 ::

:: We're gonna get some Weather ::
I never bothered mentioning the last hurricane that came through Florida since Miami was never really in any danger. Hurricane Francis seems to be another matter, being as it a few of the South Florida natives have expressed some concerns to me. I suppose I should be more worried but having grown up in earthquake country, I've gotten used to experiencing violent forces of nature. Then again, I've never had the experience of being bused to a hurricane shelter either so we'll see how that goes, should that need arise.

One major difference between earthquakes and hurricanes; no one can predict when an earthquake will occur but hurricanes, while not completely predictable, does give you a few days warning about where and when it'll strike. (Well, that and one is a ground tremor and the other is really, REALLY windy.) As it stands now, Frank is supposed to hit the Palm Beach area, which is a good 60-70 miles north of us. That doesn't mean Miami is completely out of the woods, since we'll experience some heavy precipitation, high winds, possibly a swarm of locusts, and maybe, just maybe, the death of every firstborn child. So I found it interesting as to how many people in our area is hoping that it stays its course. It’s that "yeah they're screwed but better them than us" mentality and I caught myself thinking the same thing. I was joking earlier tonight with a friend of mine saying "doesn't this hurricane know that we have finals next week?! The nerve!"

I guess it boils down to which area God hates more: West Palm or Miami Beach? Who'd he rather take out: rich, stuffy old folks or a city full of self-indulgent hedonists? Come on now, if you can't find humor in a natural disaster, you're just not trying. Yeah, I’m going to hell.

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