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:: Saturday, September 11, 2004 ::

:: So Miami's Going to Hell in a Handbasket ::
"It's the end of the world as we know it, and I feel fine" - Michael Stipe

So the entire Florida peninsula and a considerable part of the Caribbean is doomed to a fate of fire and brimstone, only instead of fire and brimstone it’s high winds, heavy rain and flying lawn furniture. Or at least that’s the prevailing mentality of some of the more melodramatic Miami natives. You can see why they might feel this way - hurricanes are a major a factor in Florida the same way earthquakes are in California, tornados are in trailer parks, and inbreeding in the deep south – you typically only see storms Category 4 or higher once every few years but to see three in such rapid succession would make one wonder if they somehow pissed off God in ways unimaginable. You know, unpardonable sins like red wine with fish, white pants after Labor Day, ordering steak well done, that sort of crap.

Some of this mentality has permeated to the people who run the school. When we returned to school earlier this week, we were told the due dates for our assignments were moved back a week to next Monday. Now, everything has been moved back to the “first day of the next quarter.” Also, the graduation scheduled for next week is postponed until December.

Now I understand the “better safe than sorry” mindset and all and this has been a freakish season but some people really need to calm down. The Doppler has Ivy (Ivan) skirting the west coast of Florida sometime next Tuesday and it’s still an iffy thing. I really don’t mind the inclement weather; if it happens it happens; it’s the whole thing of putting your life on hold for a few days that’s driving me a little stir-crazy.

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