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Thoughts, observations, and introspections from an art student waiter/bartender in South Beach. Arcane humor ensues.
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:: Sunday, September 05, 2004 ::

:: Back Home ::
I'm back in South Beach simply riding out the tail end of Frances... that doesn't sound dirty does it?... and waiting for normalcy to return, at least what passes for normalcy in this city. This whole experience is pretty much what I expected it to be; not much excitement, nothing to write home about. Still it's better to be safe than sorry and I did take precautionary measures like everyone else. Given the nature of the people I was traveling with, we wanted to make sure we had everything we would need to survive, as well as enough booze for a hurricane party. Before heading out to Plantation, RB and I made sure we had enough beer (as well as some choice tequila) to last two hurricanes. We brought food, too.

What's a hurricane party like? If ours was any indication, there's a lot of drinking, sitting around, drinking, talking, and drinking, Is it sad that I still didn't get drunk over the weekend? I guess it's nice to have about 200 pounds worth of flesh loaded up with a large dinner to absorb a large intake of alcohol. Then again, I don't know too many people who get drunk off beer. Tequila on the other hand...

What is sad that all four of us brought our laptops so we could get some work done (ostensibly) but didn't actually do anything of substance. We talked a lot about it, and discussed ideas but actual work? Nah. There's something about being cooped up in a large, comfotable house sheltered from gloomy weather, listening to the steady pounding of precipitation and swirling wind that can cause a high degree of lethargy. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

Anyway, I hope everyone out there makes it back safely.

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