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:: Friday, August 20, 2004 ::

:: So Anyway... ::
Our school recently merged with a highly regarded local ad agency called Crispin Porter + Bogusky. They've sent a few of their creatives here to teach some classes and they've been well liked among the students. So the presidents of both our school and the ad agency decided to combine their resources. The resultant changes to our school would probably be too arcane to mention and probably wouldn't mean anything unless you went to our school.

Anyway, the point of that little history is explain that thing about last nights "prom." A couple of students at our school, after an alcohol-fueled evening of banter, got the idea that it would be cool if they were the celebrate the merge by throwing a prom. At least that's what I've heard. That they still thought this was a good idea after sobering up and somehow convinced the school presidents that this was a good idea is another matter.

My initial reaction to this was an incredulity-laced "are you f***ing kidding me?!" (I think in pretty much those exact words.) I eventually got convinced that this wouldn't be a complete disaster ("Dan-E, this is gonna be just like your high school prom." "Great, I won't have a date for this either.") and I figured it might be cool to pick the heads of some of the creatives that work there.

Somewhere between the first announcement and the actual event, this became, at least for the students, a retro-80s costume party. The assortment of costumes, dresses, and hairstyles alone made this thing worth attending, for no other reason than I now possess incriminating photos of come of my peers. I played my part and dressed up in my own version of archaic 80s fashion: Don Johnson from Miami Vice. I had the white suit with the rolled up sleeves, blue sleeveless shirt, white shoes and no socks. I packed a fake holster to add to the effect.

It didn't garner as much of a reaction as some of the more outlandish outfits that night but I got my share of comments. What was disheartening was that my costume was a little before the time of some of the younger students, whereas I'm old enough to have scene "Miami Vice" on the original air date.

Still, it was a fun evening, thanks to the unlimited free beer (Molson, eh?).

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