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:: Wednesday, July 28, 2004 ::

:: Coke's New C2 ::
I bought a bottle of Coca-Cola's new C2 last Sunday before soccer just to see how it tasted. I tried it once before but it was only a sip and I couldn't remember much about it. I've been drinking diet sodas for the last 3 years or so ever since I started the Atkins Diet so I'm accustomed to the slightly blander taste that most diet sodas have.

The new C2 is, as far as I can remember, quite similar to tasting to regular Coke since I had the same reaction to it after drinking a can of regular... "whoa this is sweet." So of course I finish it off and it kinda reminded me of of drinking regular milk after drinking the fat free stuff.

It also made me wonder if this whole low-carb thing has gotten a litte out of hand. Now, I've reaped the benefits of it as much as the next person and unlike what some might predict, I've kept the weight off. So while I'm not on it as much any more - (chips and beer are decidedly not Aktins-friendly) the stuff I eat nowadays is healthier... or at least less bad... than what I ate pre-Atkins - I'll happily be its posterboy. But some of the stuff that's trying to pass itself off as lo-carb seems a little ridiculous to me.

For starters, lo-carb beer doesn't make any sense, not just because it tastes nasty but also from a physiological standpoint. (I could go into the science of that but I won't.) Then there was that near-debacle where KFC tried to pass itself off as lo-carb which nobody fell for. Lo-carb wine? Lo-carb ice cream, chocolates, chips, and fast food? Come on. Now, I love the above mentioned items as much as the next person (especially fast food... mmmm french fries) but come on, a little self-control never hurt anyone and it's as much a factor in losing weight as any lo-whatever food stuff out there.

The really odd thing is that this "craze" didn't really start until Dr. Robert Atkins himself died. Go figure.

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