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:: Friday, November 01, 2002 ::

Well Halloween was pretty fun. It's been a few years since I played dress-up for any type of costume event and tonight's little shindig at TP's gave me a chance to be someone else. Now, me being me, I didn't really "dress up" as much as the other people there. My outfit was The Edge from U2 wearing his Elevation Tour clothes. Not very complicated as all I needed was jeans, long sleeve shirt under a T-shirt and a beanie. I even had the proper goatee so I managed to pull it off. I didn't expect everyone to figure it out but the music fans like Boo, Injoong, and Peter picked it up immediately. It probably helped that I wore a U2 concert T-shirt that had The Edge's image on the front so those who don't listen to real music might catch on to who I was ;)

There were a lot of great costumes there. PK looked great dressed as a knight, and his other half TP was a very non-gay looking Pirate (despite sporting the male-cleavage enhancing drawstring front shirt which, shockingly enough, he owns). We also had an awesome looking Gandalf, a couple of 70's Charlie's Angels (sekshi), the Phantom from Phantom of the Opera (face mask and everything), and even a guy dressed as one of the great pop-culture icons: Jack of Jack in the Box. There was a vote going around to determine at the end of the night which male and female had the best costumes and Gandalf and the blonde Angel won it. They really did have the best outfits.

Boo took some great photos from the party so click here to check them out.

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